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Winter 2023/24 Flu Vaccination Information for Patients - updated 6th November 2023

While we have completed our scheduled clinics, eligible patients may contact us to book an appointment with a member of our nursing team to receive a Winter Flu vaccination.  

This season we are offering Winter Flu Vaccinations for registered patients who are:

  • Aged 65 or over (including those who’ll be 65 by 31 March 2024)
  • Aged 18 – 64 years of age considered at risk (meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the NHS)*
  • Pregnant
  • Receive a carer's allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick
  • Live with someone who is more likely to get a severe infection due to a weakened immune system
  • Frontline health workers
  • Social care workers who cannot get the vaccine through an occupational health scheme at work.

 * To establish if you are in an at risk group please download our information sheet by following this link>>

Information on this year's NHS flu programme is available on the NHS England website here>>

COVID-19 Vaccinations - updated 6th November 2023

A COVID vaccine booster is being offered this autumn to people at greatest risk of getting seriously ill.   People with a serious health condition or who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression are strongly advised to get an Autumn COVID-19 booster.

The Crane Valley Primary Care Network (PCN) Community Vaccination Centre in Verwood administers seasonal COVID Booster jabs to eligible patients. 

If you are eligible and have yet to receive your Autumn COVID-19 booster vaccination, please contact us ASAP.

Travel Vaccinations

Foreign travel may expose patients to certain infections.  So, If you're planning to travel outside the UK, find out what vaccinations you might need on our Travel Health page by following this link:>>

Childhood Immunisation

Childhood immunisation is an important aspect of your child's healthcare.  For information on routine childhood immunisation, please visit our Children's Health page by following this link:>>

Other Vaccinations Offered by the NHS

This guide can help you understand the vaccines offered in the UK and when to have them. It also explains how they work and why they’re safe and important.  Follow this link for more information about vaccinations from NHS UK>>

If you have any questions or concerns regarding vaccinations, please contact us.